Markets: Transportation

Microipsys can bring the latest technology to your automotive product development. We have designed a wide range of products and systems for our automotive design engineering clients, ranging from hands free telephony to navigation systems to fleet management. We have also developed instruments to aid manufacturers in the testing of their automotive systems. Our experience developing automotive electronic products continues to expand.

Many of our automotive clients work with us because we have extensive experience developing products and working with technologies from other market segments that can apply to the automotive industry. We can work with you to develop concept models, working prototypes and products that are ready for production. Join our growing list of automotive clients and take advantage of the skills and capabilities of our experienced automotive electronic design engineering staff.

Microipsys, a proven automotive electronic design engineering partner, has experience with many of the technologies required by today's electronic automotive products:

  • CAN Bus
  • Hands-free telephony
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth® devices
  • Digital audio
  • Veihicle Tracking

These are but a few of the technologies at our disposal that we can integrate into your products.

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