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Microip System Technologies offers a digital signage solutions that allows you to have the freedom to manage your very own digital signage with just a click of a few buttons. It is an easy to use interactive Multimedia solution and you can quickly make changes to promotional items, menu options, and messaging to turn your digital menus or signage into a revenue generating tool for your enterprise, no matter what industry.

Digital menus or signage are more than just an eye-catching addition to your business; they are a cost- effective digital solution that produces a better customer experience, decreased costs, and a boost in revenue.

MQ Player Lite

MQ Player Lite Plus

MQ Player Pro

MQ Player Plus
Full HD
Screen Partition
Landscape Model
Portrait Model
Internal RTC
Live TV channels

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Highly Customized

Digital Signage Solutions Our Digital Signage solution allows business owners to customize their digital signage/menus any fashion they desire, using pictures to videos,creating any style you would like to present your signage or menus with, you can even combine different mediums on one screens.

Manage your screens

With Microipsys's Digital Signage solution you no longer need to deal with any third party printing company for regular menu boards and going through the wait time and various steps like; selecting your changes, ordering prints, having a technician install or change the menu board. Manage your screen by cutting your expenses and time. Feel more in control managing your business, by managing your signage/menus with the help of Microipsys's helpful team. It won't matter how many signage/menus screens you may have but managing your screens is made simple with just a few click and touch of a button away.

Powerful content management

Whether a company wants to display content at an exact time or during a specific campaign period, the ability to control which information is presented when and where, gives the option to maximize the impact of the message.

Template driven content

Use our powerful template library or create your own customized templates

Powerful scheduling

Use playlist or metadata and publish content instantly on thousands of digital displays or other content devices

Time saving content management

Use our flexible central content management web interface

Prepared for interactivity

Supports many different kinds of interactivity and touch points, kiosks, smartphones, beacons, etc.


Manage a single media player or a worldwide enterprise with thousands of media players

If you are looking for a Digital Signage solution that does Signage differently, well you just found it!

Our mission is to empower companies and organizations with cutting edge digital Signage and kiosk technology that is affordable and customizable. We are committed to helping our customers with their Digital Signage needs.

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