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Microipsys has proven experience in Embedded Linux. This full featured embedded operating system is used in many mobile and VoIP phones, media players, set-top boxes, network equipment, industrial automation, navigation equipment, and medical instruments. Embedded Linux has become a highly utilized embedded operating system in many industry sectors because of the high degree of customization, low cost of development and licensing, and open-source community with 3rd party support.

Embedded Linux

Microipsys's experience and knowledge in designing Linux compatible hardware, building prototypes, utilizing existing open source software, and creating custom Linux applications allows our clients to bring their products to market quickly, on-budget, and on-schedule. We can help guide you through the open source licensing hurdles with a focus on protecting your intellectual property.

Microipsys's team of experts is skilled at developing board support packages with optimized boot times, redundant kernels, and custom kernel modules and drivers. These board support packages can be run from Flash chips (NAND/NOR), SD cards, or a combination.

On top of our Linux board support packages we can either build a custom full featured application or provide a hardware access layer for your in-house software team. The full featured applications developed by Microipsys have supported a range of user interfaces from high-end graphical touchscreen displays to non-display user interfaces. Our high-end touchscreen designs have utilized capacitance touch and provided rich GUI experiences with audio feedback and hardware acceleration that users have come to expect. Microipsys also supports embedded web interfaces for device configuration/upgrade and data retrieval.

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