Services: Software Design

Mipsys offers a wide range of software design and development capabilities. Our experienced team of software engineers has expertise in requirements analysis, system architectures, code development, and integration testing for microcontrollers and DSPs.

Software Design

We specialize in the development and design of embedded software which includes USB protocols, DSP algorithms, RF communications and FPGA programming. We have created very high volume consumer product devices and have met the exacting requirements of medical devices. We have implemented user interfaces with buttons and LEDs, and we have implemented color LCDs with touch screen capability.

We can build your product from the ground up using our custom Embedded Simple Framework (SF) or using a more capable OS such as Embedded Linux or Embedded Windows. Using our in-house software library of proven modules and designs, we can rapidly develop your product whether you are looking for a proof-of-concept prototype or a ready-to-manufacture design.

Our Software Design services and capabilities include:

Microcontroller Software

  • IC Sensors
  • Chip Interfaces
  • User Interfaces

DSP Software

  • Audio / Video
  • Custom Algorithms

RF/Wireless Software

USB Software

  • Audio/HID/CDC/MSDC
  • Vendor Defined

Operating Systems

PC Software

  • User Application Software
  • Test Software

Technology Partners

  • TI/Freescale™
  • Many Others

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