Services: Systems Engineering

Microipsys offers systems engineering services to identify, analyze, and document requirements and to develop architectures for your product. Our clients vary widely in the level of requirements detail at the start of a project. The Microipsys team works with the client as needed to refine requirements, select an optimal architecture, and identify issues that can be resolved early in the project in order to facilitate efficient design and development.

Systems Engineering

Our Systems Engineering services and capabilities include:

Requirements Identification, Analysis, and Documentation
Microipsys team members meet with the client to determine the user and business needs to be met for the product to be successful. Use cases are typically developed to support the analysis of user needs. Follow-up discussions with other stakeholders are scheduled as needed. Microipsys uses a standard template to document requirements and constraints. Microipsys has experience in identifying appropriate performance and regulatory requirements for a wide range of product categories.

System Architecture Design
Microipsys generates electrical, mechanical, and software architecture options to meet the stated requirements. Functional and performance trade-offs across architecture options are identified to support selection of an architecture that is optimized for development cost, effort, and risk.

Requirements Management
Requirements typically change to some extent over the course of design and development because of changes in business needs or clarification of requirements as design options are explored and prototypes are evaluated. Microipsys uses a database to track requirements changes so that the client and project team members maintain a common understanding of the product.

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