Technologies: VOIP

Our VoIP hardware development and VoIP software development engineers have completed several VoIP architecture developments, which included the investigation of chip sets and software, for many different VoIP products. These developments also included the detailed design engineering necessary to get these products into production.

Many of our clients have benefited from our expertise with hardware, software, mechanical and acoustic design for VoIP products. We also have an experienced test group and the necessary test equipment to make sure products meet all applicable specifications and standards. Whether you need help with a portion of your VoIP project development or need an entire design team to get the job done, we have hardware and software product engineers with the VoIP and voice terminal experience that you need.

Our VoIP Product Engineering, VoIP Hardware Development, and VoIP Software Development experience includes:


  • TCP/IP
  • H.323
  • ARP
  • DHCP
  • TFTP
  • UDP
  • H.225(Q931)
  • H.245
  • SNMP
  • Other proprietary protocols


  • Agere T8300 family
  • Broadcom BCM1100 family and PhoneXchange™ software
  • Texas Instruments TNET family and Telogy Software

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