Antenna Design

Services: RF and Wireless Design: Antenna Design

Your RF/wireless product will need an antenna. We can design custom antennas, or select an appropriate off-the-shelf antenna for your device. Our experience at Microipsys includes antenna design and selection in the following areas:

  • 2.4 GHz (WiFi, Bluetooth®, ZigBee®)
  • 900 MHz & 868 MHz
  • GPS Receiver
  • GSM Cellular
  • 60 kHz WWVB
  • 125 kHz RFID
  • 315 MHz & 433 MHz
  • PCB Embedded Antennas
  • And Many Others

Our experience includes designing embedded antennas, where the proximity of nearby metallic and dielectric objects needs to be accounted for. We have designed products employing antenna diversity, and also have experience with phase interferometry and time-of-arrival measurements across antenna arrays. Microipsys has test equipment, including a Vector Network Analyzer to make antenna measurements.

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