Services: Mechanical Design: Mechanism Design

Microipsys can design the mechanisms needed for your product application. Our mechanical engineering team has wide expertise in the design of mechanical parts that rotate, slide, or have other motion paths. These parts may be simple mechanisms, such as button actuators for use with switches. Or, they may be very complex mechanisms consisting of gears, cams, linkages, and other moving mechanical parts.

Mechanism Design

Performance and durability are key considerations for the mechanism design. We can design mechanisms to achieve your requirements for operation, as well as meet your needs for long-term reliability. We can apply our ANSYS stress analysis capabilities to ensure that parts are designed with sufficient safety factors for the various loading conditions. We can simulate the motion of the parts to analyze motion paths. We can perform accelerated life testing to verify the life cycle performance for the mechanisms.

The mechanism design will meet the specific requirements for your market, whether the product is targeted for an industrial, medical, consumer, or military market.

Some key considerations for our mechanism design include:

  • Operating forces
  • Motion paths
  • Stress analysis
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Choice of materials
  • Operating cycles / life testing
  • Tooling simplification
  • Ease of assembly
  • Ease of use
  • Low product cost

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