Sensors and Controllers

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Sensors capture real world data such as light intensity, acceleration, linear motion, magnetic field, pressure or force, and temperature, and convert them to electrical signals that can be processed by the microcontroller of an embedded controller or product. Sensors are found in many different kinds of products including cars and trucks, farm equipment, machinery, medical devices, military equipment, manufacturing and industrial controls.

Microipsys's electrical team has worked with many types of sensors, including those mounted directly to the circuit board as well as off-board sensors. Our engineers select the appropriate sensors based on the requirements of the product application. Our team will review the specifications and accuracy of the sensor, how the sensor output signal varies with environmental factors such as temperature and power supply voltage, as well as the best way to interface it to the electronics.

Sometimes the information from these sensors is processed by the electronics and then presented directly to a user on a display. In other designs, the sensor information is processed and interpreted by the electronics and used to control another part of the device. Microipsys's electrical team has proven expertise in the design of various controllers that take and process signals from sensors.

Microipsys's electrical team has the experience you need to successfully incorporate sensors and to design controllers into your product.

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